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Correct framerate for CamStudio to coincide with PAL camcorder

edited March 2013 in General Discussion
Hi, i'm new to CamStudio & I don't know what framerate to choose. My aim is to record a DJ performance. I'm going to screen capture Traktor DJ software & record my hands over the DJ controller with my Camcorder, edit the videos together & upload to YouTube. The laptop screen is set to 60Hz, my camcorder records at 50 FPS & I know YouTube would have to be half of those so 25 or 30 FPS. I tested recording in 30 FPS & it was jerky but recording at 60 FPS was fine. Should I record at 50 FPS to match my camcorder or just add frames to my camcorder recording in edit to 60 FPS. Hope this makes sense & someone can help. Thanks


  • Simmo10,

    Use 25fps with Capture Frames Every set to 40ms and you'll get good sync with the audio. You can also try 50fps with Capture Frames Every set to 20ms (the two have to multiply together to be 1000) and that should work fine. You can export later to a 30fps recording from your editor if it has that capability or by using a converter like MediaCoder or Any Video Converter.

  • Ok thanks Terry. I'll try the 50 FPS because 30 FPS with capure frames set to 33ms looked to jerky.I use Sony Vegas & AviSynth, you can change the FPS but I wanted the best capture that can sync to my camcorder recording as possible.
  • It not only may be jerky looking, but since the actual number you'd need would be 33.3333333ms it would drift out of sync within a few minutes at 30fps. (CamStudio cannot use decimal entries for that, only integers, thus the limitation in settings...)

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hi Terry, unfortunately I recorded a perfect performance before I read your reply and recorded it at 60 FPS & it did indeed go out of sync. Knowing about CamStudio only using integers has helped me realise my problem! I re-recorded as a quick test in 50 FPS & it now syncs perfectly, the quality is great, slightly jerky compared to 60 FPS but sync is more important. Thanks a lot Terry!
  • Yay! Glad you have things in sync now! :-)

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