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A Few Problems

edited March 2013 in Support
My os = 7.
CamStudio(TM) Recorder v 2.7
Build on Mercurial release: r316

1. Under Soundcard Device, when I clicked "Auto Search", an error message said: "WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed."

2. Similarly, when I clicked Options>Get audio from speakers, an error message said: "WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed."

3. When I tried the "Manual Search", an error message said: "Unable to detect recording line for speakers. Please make sure your soundcard is correctly selected in the 'Soundcard Device' of 'Audio Options for Speakers'".

4. When I clicked Options>Video Options>ffdshow video codec>okay, pressed the "record" button, CamStudio asked me to click on the window to be recorded, but then crashed.

The reason why I changed to the ffdshow video codec was because your FAC page advised:

"If you're recording yourself using applications with lots of movement (or recording a film or game playing) use the H.264 encoder in the FFDShow Tryout codec."

Well, I guess my hour-long video qualifies as a "movie".

So, I downloaded and installed: "64-bit: ffdshow 1.3.4500".

5. Picture quality is also poor. How can I make it the same as that of the source video?

- norm


  • You cannot use the old "Record from Speakers" tool with most modern machines, as the hardware hooks that feature relied upon are no longer present except in rare situations nowadays. It harkens back to early XP days, before SP2, when the hooks were prevalent.

    To achieve the same result (record from speakers) today you need to enable Stereo Mix. Watch the tutorial video I recently put up to see how I do stuff.


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