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getting totally garbled video now, ok yesterday

edited March 2013 in Support
hi, this is a great tool and it was working mostly ok, but now i can't get it to record video. i'm using c2.7 r316 with ffdshow codec and all i get for video is random noise. i've notice before when my app is on top of another windows, i get that a lot, but now i don;t have anything on screen except my app and camstudio to the side.

can anyone suggest a way to get video recording to work? audio is fine.



  • Steve,

    Can you share a video uploaded to YouTube that shows this random noise?

    Also, have you tried some fixed region settings such as 640x360 or 1280x720? Certain width and height settings can result in strange behaviors.

    I imagine you are using the default Microsoft Video 1 codec. I'd set that to 80 or 90 on the quality slider (which only works for that codec as far as I can tell).

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