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Cursor: enable visual Click Feedback - no function

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I upgraded from Camstudio 2.0 to 2.7 , Installation worked well, help-videos for settings are great, thanks a lot. Win7 64bit. Now I found a minor defect. Under Options, Cursor settings, I tryed setting the little box: Enable virtual Click Feedback, that should change the color around the cursor e.g. to green when left click or to blue when right click ist done. I have the cursor in red circle and nothing changes when I right or left click. May be a function ist missing in my Installation?
Settings in video opptions are:
Key frame rate: 200, millisec. 50, playback rate 20
Thanks for checking the minor problem. The new program ist excellent I enjoi it a lot.


  • I just tested it, and believe it or not, it actually does function still, just not in the way it used to! It now creates either a red (my left-click setting) or blue (my right-click setting) "Radar Screen" style blip effect with a radiating circle that animates when you right or left click (it used to just be a solid color, right? That's how I remember it!)

    So, the effect is very subtle, but kinda classy. I'm including a short video showing at work below (view at YouTube at 720p for best effect...)


  • Thanks for the video, Terry, the effect is just visible. May be my nvidia grafic system does no bring up these effects well. Anyway the cursor in red cyrcle is well visible and a nice useful feature. Tanks a lot. :-?
  • me too had the same problem... i thought it does not work. but a close look proved it does work.
    all cursor indications are very faint and barely visible.
    can this be made into the options?
  • I'd prefer a solid color without the animation myself (the way it used to work), though I like this as an option ... though I would make the radiating circles a little thicker. The effect is barely visible on a high-res 1080p HD monitor.
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    The first configuration (after re-install or deleting CamStudio.cfg) of Highlight Cursor works as expected.

    Any further click of the OK button in the Configure Cursor screen will corrupt the saved data, as if the data was read and written to the file as a different numeric type.

    With my programmer experience, it looks like a ulong vs long problem, as the values seem to experience a bit-shift.

    The reason the highlight becomes so faint is that the alpha component of the color is also divide by 2 at each save.

    My config: Camstudio 2.7 (r316) on Vista 32-bit.
  • Thanks, Martin. I've copied and sent this info out to the devs list to speed things along.

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