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Problem with SWF file

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I realized a video by means of Camstudio in SWF mode
If I start the swf generated with Swift player the result is good
If I start it with a browser or by means of the html file generated by Camstudio the video is parasited by lines which follow the movement of the cursor.
Do you have a solution to solve the problem.
Using CamStudio V2.7 r316 Windows 8 Explorer 10 or Safari
Sorry for my poor english


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    I have got the same problem (noise or clutter or traces appearing on the screen). I have improved by switching the compression mode from ADPCM to PCM (no compression) and keyframe from 20 to 10, and Playback pack rate from 40 to 20, and color mode from 16 to 32bits. I can't determine which is the parameter that impacts the result but there was a real effect (less noises than before). I assume that is the compression mode (this phase to uncompress is removed and may explain that the display is more fluid).
    Welcom to other points of view or explanation
    Sorry for my poor english, too
  • ADPCM and PCM are only audio compression modes - they would not affect the video.

    If you get to the bottom of this [rule of thumb: change one thing at a time! ;-) ] please let us know what you came up with. I'd suspect the color mode first, but am only guessing.

    Both of you are doing FINE with your english! :-)

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