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So, because this is how I do things, I'm going to ask like this:

Among having just plain old fun using camstudio,
(yes I already got the "LET'S RECORD EVERYTHING!!! 8D" out of my system),
I've also decided to use it to record my "adventures" as a moderator on a Minecraft server (can't argue with a video!).
But when I watch the playback, the video looks like I recorded my screen while lagging horrendously, when Minecraft actually runs just fine for me (despite the server being in another country).
When I checked to see if it was just with Minecraft or not, it sort of was and sort of wasn't -- by which I mean that the video looked fine, though not completely smooth (yet not at all annoyingly choppy).

Now, I did start to check out some of the tutorials on the YouTube thing, but the ones I looked at didn't seem to have anything to do with video playback speeds. Maybe I just don't know how to look for the right videos. xD

So here's the two-part problem:
I don't understand technical jargon, and I want to know how to make the video look "smoother".

Yes, you have one of THOSE silly simple-terms-only alien people here. :P

For example: I only that fps is frames per second and that each image is a frame.
I'm not even sure what exactly a "frame" for an image is. xD
And is fps the same as frame rate? Because, you know, rate, speed, all that....
MILES PER HOUR!!! Yeah, I dunno either. XD

Anyway, I'm really sorry for the trouble, but could someone please tell me in simple normal weird person terms if there is a setting to fix it and if so how to make the video look smoother?

Also, while I'm at it:
when I have camstudio open it messes up my navigation on Minecraft.
I don't mean to say that it makes me go left when I press down, but it has the same effect as if the key "stuck", and sometimes it takes me multiple
tries of bashing the key to get it to "unstick"; I know it's camstudio because I don't have that problem when I don't have camstudio open.
And it happens sometimes (albeit much less) if I have camstudio open but not in use.
Is there something I can do to fix that?


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    Firstly - yeah, some new method the current CamStudio is using to "poll" keystrokes is butting up against the Minecraft method - probably they are both trying to use the same method and are in collision! The old legacy CamStudio 2.0 apparently did things differently, so using that may solve that problem. downloads it.

    You have it right - Frames per second is what is meant by "Frame-Rate". A frame (like a picture frame) is a single picture of a series that make a motion picture, like the frames in an animation.

    Now, when going for smoother playback, there are a few items that affect it. The video compressor you choose is very important here. I use Xvid and explain some best settings in the CamStudio 2.7 Tutorial starting at

    Note the idea of setting Xvid to "Real-Time" at the bottom rather than "General Purpose" and un-checking B-VOP's from the little "more" button at the top next to the profile drop-down (shown in video). Some say that gives smoother playback.

    Which compressor (called a "codec" - a contraction of "compressor/decompressor") are you using now?

    Also, see this discussion for more detail: -- and --

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    Thanks! I don't seem to have those maneuvering problems in Minecraft now. ^^

    Ah. That sounds like a lot of pictures.... o.0

    Hmm. I don't have Xvid on my list.
    *goes to the download link*

    Ah, it looks like it's set to Microsoft Video 1.
    [*insert Windows/Microsoft joke here*] :P
    I'll change it to Xvid and see how that works. :3

    Okay thanks, but I think I'll just leave this discussion open in a tab and refresh it every so often. xD
  • Cool - let me know how it goes!

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    All I get is a black screen in playblack if I try recording using either the Xvid or that x264 thing in the compressor options under Video Options. =\

    I tried to other options too -- in playback, the Intel one makes it look black and white with vertical lines, the Cinepak one makes it look laggy in playback, and the DivX one doesn't work because I just get a pop-up asking to use the default compressor option.

    However, using the Microsoft Video 1 selection doesn't make it look in playback as if I was lagging all that much in Minecraft, not nearly like it did with the other version of CamStudio anyway. :3

    AND it's not messing up my navigation in Minecraft. Woot! 8D
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    Which media player are you using that gives a black screen? Also, are you sure you used the 32-bit versions of those compressors? CamStudio needs 32-bit ones to work.

    However, if your media player is 64-bit, then you also need the 64-bit version installed for the decompressor portion of the codec (but only Windows Media Player comes in a 64-bit version as far as I know...) VLC media player has all its codecs built in, so that should work with any vids.

    Once uploaded to YouTube, any of your videos should look just fine.

  • By media player, I assume you mean to see the playback? Whatever the default is. xD

    ...and...uh... you lost me at 32-bit. xD
  • I don't know what the default player is - probably Windows Media Player 64-bit from the sound of it. You'd need the 64-bit xvid then to play those back.

    Uploads to YouTube will work and play just fine, though.

  • Yaaay I found it! :D

    It says it's using CamStudio Player 2.0 to play the video when it's done recording. =o
  • Ah - I'd change that in Options/Program Options/Play AVI file when recording stops to "Use System Default Player" most likely.

  • I forgot to come back for 7 days? owo
    That's as long as it took God to finish making the Earth. >w>

  • Well, sure - it takes that long for LOTS of things! :-)

    So, did you get it working?

  • Unfortunately, no. Now Minecraft just crashes when I go to the multiplayer server list. Sorry. :(

    I wish I'd thought to say something about that before now. D'oh. *hard facepalm*
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