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VS 2010 Compilation

edited May 2013 in Support

My question is : how do I compile + debug the "Recorder" project,
from within Visual Studio?

Here is what I've attempted so far:

1.) I downloaded CS v2.7 from the SVN (whatever this is...) as a regular download
and then attempted to open it in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition,
even though there was a "VS 2008 v10.0" tag within the solution file.

2.) The VS converter popped up and started converting -- all the way, something
like 19 projects, however on the subsequent log file it showed that each project
has several warnings (but w/o any errors).

3.) Also, on the Build Configuration Manager, all projects were checked + tagged
as Debug / Win32.

4.) So I used to do a "Build All", and on the message window VS
finally said : 14 projects succeeded, 1 failed, and maybe some skipped.

5.) Next, I set the "Recorder" project as "Start Up", within the Solution window.

6.) Oddly enough, on clicking the "Recorder" project DID run, and I was
even able to start it out (again) via Step-by-step debugging mode.

7.) On other hand, however, the "Recorder" program (while running),
after clicking the red / recording GUI button, did NOT do any recording,
as the flashing corners did not appear - nor did it allow to save any
output (AVI) files to anywhere (it didn't display the SAVE dialog at all).

Any ideas?


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