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Off-Speaker Sound Recording

edited May 2013 in Support

Truth to be told, I haven't read ALL of the
posts on the subject just yet, but from what
I've gathered so far (both in here and on the
Internet in general) it seems that, on a
Windows 7 laptop (where I've installed
my CS v2.7), the "Record Speakers" option
seems to require the user to modify the O.S.
sound-card configuration so that the "What I hear"
or similar setting is to be made active / available.

Unfortunately - I do NOT seem to have such
a setting (or anything similar) whatsoever,
even though I DO have a sound card (as
I can play MP3 music files, for example).

So when I want to record music or sound
that is playing through the speakers,
it seems that the "lesser attractive" option
might be - to an extent - to use the other
menu command available - which is -
"record off microphone" - even though
the whole point is to AVOID the need for
a microphone altogether - yet the "Recorder"
project DOES seem to be able to pick up the
playing sound, when recording a video - only
with much less quality - as the playback sounds
like what might be heard as of some sort of a
low-powered radio transmission...

Any ideas on how to improve sound quality?



  • Blame the manufacturers who for some reason ship computers lacking the "Stereo Mix" or "What U Hear" component to their customers for this problem.

    If you have a mic-in and a headphone out, you can buy an attenuating patch cord that will allow you to shunt the headphone out into the mic or line input. That gets rid of the issues of using a live mic and picking up room sounds. With an adapter that allows two headphones to be plugged in to one jack you can still monitor using the second jack.

    If you only have USB ins and outs, your totally sunk.

    Sorry about the "Record from Speakers" feature not working - it has not worked on most computers since XP SP2 apparently (though very few report it working even on new computers...)

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