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Network Deployment of CamStudio

Has anyone had any success in rolling out CamStudio to about 200 client PCs. I've tried several times to make an msi package of the software, I've used Cameyo to package CamStudio, and I'm having problems with everything single method.

When CamStudio is installed in the default location of program files, when the users try to record a video, it won't record, as they don't have read/write access to the temporary video folder in program files. I then noticed a recording options within CamStudio to point the save location to another location. I have been unsuccessful at integrating this into a package, and if I alter this recording option on my admin account, when a normal user account logs in, the setting is back to default.

I thought I had success with using Cameyo to package CamStudio as a virtual application, but then discovered a file move error when trying to save a recording, when I set the Region of Recording to 'Window', which I believe if I change the option from allow users to choose what the file name is called, to just save it automatically as date/time etcetera this would probably get around the problem, but when I try to repackage CamStudio as a virtual application, it never saves this change.

Just wondering if anyones successfully deployed it to a lot of computers and wondering how you did it. I'm working in a school environment, a mix of Windows 7 32bit and 64bit computers.




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