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2.7 r316 Highlighted Cursor vary Transparency

edited June 2013 in Support
I would like the option to set the transparency of the highlighted cursor.

Right now the transparency is random, sometimes its opaque, other times its just right and yet other times its too transparent. I think there might be a bug in this area of code, since I was getting inconsistent results when trying to set these, finally resorted to directly editing the cfg file.

Either hardcode it at say 40% or whatever looks right, or have a slider to set it since the colour picker doesn't have an option to set alpha channel.

I found a workaround which is to directly edit CamStudio.cfg (located in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\CamStudio.cfg) and set the section cursor to something like the following which works good for the screen recordings I'm trying to do. It gives a nice semi-transparent yellowish circle around the mouse.

Cursor :
RecordCursor = true;
CursorType = 0;
CursorSel = 0;
Highlight = true;
HighlightSize = 64;
HighlightShape = 0;
HighlightColor = -1593835648;
RingThreshold = 1000;
RingSize = 20;
RingWidth = 1.5;
HighlightClick = true;
ClickColorLeft = -1593901056;
ClickColorMiddle = -1610547456;
ClickColorRight = -1610612481;
CursorDir = "";


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