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Screen Annotations

edited June 2013 in Code Contributions
Hi All - I am hoping this summer to make some code contributions to the screen annotations features of CamStudio.
As a classroom lT teacher I have made a lot of use of CS to teach practical skills. The annotations feature is essential to this. There are often no headphones available to students or they use the audio to disrupt the class; or they can't hear the audio because of hearing impairment or maybe they just don't like the sound of your voice!
Screen annotations in CamStudio are useable once you get used to them, except for a few real defficiencies. Here are my thoughts on some improvements. Please let me know what you think and any experience you have of the code in these areas.
1. Corrections are a nightmare especially If you need to change the order of layout; all you can do currently is swap entries by drag and drop and even then that seems to choose the other element at random from +/-1 where you dropped. I plan to introduce a grid with full cut, paste and block selection. Also a column showing the text in that layout.
2. I intend to allow empty layouts to be saved to make it much easier to step through your layouts with one key.
3. Introduce a means to save load shape and layout libraries as XML or oyher text format.
Nice to haves:
4. Timed advance on layouts with default based on number of words.
5. Pan control within layouts.
6. Clearer UI distinction between shapes and layouts, perhaps with shape preview window.
7. Post recording addition of annotations.
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