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edited July 2013 in Support
I installed CamStudio on a Windows 7 computer and it will ONLY record VIDEO, no AUDIO
then I installed CamStudio on a Laptop with Windows XP and there it will ONLY record AUDIO, no VIDEO


  • It is practically always a settings problem. You haven't told me what your input settings are on the laptop vs the desktop.

    Keep in mind you need to use "Record from Microphone" on virtually all modern systems, as "Record from Speakers" no longer works for most people.

    Did you see the video tutorial at yet?

  • TerryBritton
    Ooops! didn't know I have a reply
    No I didn't see the tutorial but I will.
    and I will change to RECORD FROM MICROPHONE
    I will try anything to make it work

    PS I don't know what you mean by INPUT SETTINGS?
  • TerryBritton
    I saw the tutorial. Talking was SO FAST I didn't hear any clear sentence
    nor understood whatever was said (I am 82 years old)
    And it looked more as a commercial than anything else
    could not see any HELPFUL information
  • You were probably watching the ads that come before the video!

    Here is the most relevant one -- Watch it full-screen using the icon at the bottom-right of the screen after you hit play.


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