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Video recorded is upside-down

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Anyone else having this issue? I just tried recording a slide show and the video came out upside-down.


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    That usually only happens using certain codecs (compressors) at certain width and height settings. If I may ask, what compressor did you use, and what did you have as the height and width?

    The best to use are the standard width and heights, so I use mainly the "Fixed" region settings, using the "Select" button to drag-select an approximation -- then I fix the numbers to be compliant with the standards manually.

    Standards that work well with most all codecs and with YouTube videos are:

    640X360 (16:9 wide-screen SD)
    640X480 (4:3 SD)
    800X600 (4:3 SD)
    856X480 (16:9 wide-screen 480p)
    1024X768 (4:3 SD)
    1024X960 (16:9 wide-screen)
    1280X720 (16:9 wide-screen 720p HD)
    and if you have a fast or quad-core processor:
    1920X1080 (16:9 wide-screen 1080p HD)

    Let me know how it goes trying those settings.

    There is a 2.7 tutorial video at my YouTube channel you may find helpful:

  • Thank you Terry, I'll watch the video and I will follow up with you. :-)

    Marie (a.k.a. LadyeWitch) :-)
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