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Error: flashing firefox during record

edited May 2009 in Support

I've got a very annoying problem: while I record, everything is fine, but everytime I open the firefox browser, the picture in the record starts flashing until I open a website. The problem is only there if the browser window is blank.

Do you have an idea?


  • I could solve this problem by using the lossless codec offered on the main site.
  • Hi HM

    You could certainly try the CamStudio Lossless Codec to see if that cures the problem for you, although it's difficult to know for sure without seeing the computer in front of me.

    If nothing changes when you try the CamStudio codec, make sure you're using the most up to date video drivers supplied by the company who make your graphics card, whether it's separate or on-board.

    Also try upping the refresh rate on your graphics card. If it's at 60Hz, try it slightly higher.

    When you do this XP tests the new refresh rate for 15 seconds and if you don't click a button to accept the new setting, it reverts back to the original refresh rate.

    If that makes no difference, try disabling Hardware Acceleration in Windows before recording and enable it again after you've finished recording.

    Instructions to do it are here:

    For Vista follow these instructions: (involves a reboot - yuk!)



    Nick :o)
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