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Most settings wont work with Xvid codec

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hi, Currently I am using the Xivd codec because of its smallest file size and high quality but some region settings (such as window or fixed) will not work and I will get this error:

the specified device handle invalid. stop()

and then it will ask for the default compressor but when I hit yes it will give me the error again. does anyone have some help on making it work? any help will do.



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    That usually comes from odd numbered width or height (both have to be even numbers for most MPEG-4 style compressors, including DivX - which wants the width to be a multiple of 4 - and X264vfw).

    I've been using the fixed region lately just for that reason. 720p HD is 1280x720 while 1080p HD is 1920x1080.

    You can force a window to be a certain size, but you may need to fiddle with the settings, as I've sometimes had to use an odd-number to get an even-numbered result. I do this using Sizer from BrianApps:

  • thank you for the help! :)
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