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Settings & Configuration!

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Hey I am a new user to Cam Studio and have being trying to get it to work better for many monthes but with little success!
I have read and watch many videos on You tube however most of the videos are not disscriptev!
The main problem I have is, Cam studio videos are blury and text is not clear.
I’m trying to use H 264 or X264 Codex on Windows 7 64Bit.
I have changed the screen resolution of my video card to 1024 X 720 16 Bit!
I’m doing this in full screen recording!
You may find some of the videos I have made on my YouTube channel,
This is the only one made using Cam Studio, the other ones are made using a USB video hardware caption device!
You Tube recommended settings,
Can some one recommend the proper settings for me to use for better videos to upload to YouTube!


  • I can help with Donations’!
  • The problem with Youtube has been mentioned in a couple of other threads. Your video looks great at 720 HD and horrible at 480, and Youtube is reverting to 480 for reasons apparent to their software designers and nobody else. You can force the player into 720, but there’s no guarantee that it’s going to stay there indefinitely.

    Youtube’s “encoding settings” page is largely useless, because we can’t get to any of their recommended structure without extensive re-editing of a “finished” Cam product. You’re not asking Cam to do very much, if all you’re doing is basically static screens with cursor movement and voice narration. Xvid MPEG 4, x264 and MPEG 1-2 will all do fine, but I think I’d use the MPEG 4, because of the very small file size and the fact that so little continuous motion is involved.

    The issue of frame rates is a legitimate one, but the Youtube explanation of what they want simply doesn’t apply here, and we just don’t know what they can deal with without doing experimental uploads.

  • Ok I have seen You Tube or Google change some of that stuff!
    I am at work now, but I would shur be grateful if some one can help me dialin my screen resolution, Cam Studio to get the Codex, Audio and configurations correct!
    I have installd so many Codex that I do not know where to start, I did look at the FAQ on and downloaded “ <- FFDShow Tryout Homepage”!
    However as I now understand I checkt every box during the installation of this codex pack, LOL probley not a good idea in after site!
    Maybe I just start over with some one that has a better understanding of this, if you have some time to assist me!
    I will be willing to make donations to, in exchange for any help to get it working!
  • Don’t use the ffdshow codecs. Use the x264 codec described in the very first post in this thread:

    Start with the settings exactly as they are described in the first post. That should get you started. Dealing with Youtube is another matter, and the same solutions which work there today, may not work at all a month from now.

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    This video is pretty descriptive and is 40 minutes long:
    It has links to the codecs I use in the "Show More" section in the About tab beneath the video. Watch it on YouTube full-screen at 720p or 1080p for best results.


  • Hey and thanks for the help, I have made a donation to Cam Studio to try and help with the grate Cam Studio software!
    Sorry but do I make them changes to the “x264vfw” from the new start menu for “X256 VFW > Configure X256 VFW”, I just do not see any menus’ that say:
    Video: x264vfw
    40x264vfw config: ultrafast
    CRF23, Loglevel=none
    Do I need to change the view to see edit boxes to enter that stuff?
    Even if I open Cam Studio > Options > Video Options, I do not see this do I need to uncheck “Lock capcher & playback rates”?
    I can just not seem to find fields to with the same name to enter the values!
  • The configure button next to the drop-down list in Options/Video Options where you select your compressor should lead you to a bunch of settings in there.

    I'm an Xvid guy, but maybe Ken can help you with more info if you need it on X264vfw.

  • I’d actually be using the Xvid MPEG-4 for that type of production as well, but x264 might be a bit simpler to use and the settings as stated are the correct ones to use.

    The issue here is whether the codec (x264 or otherwise) interface is actually showing up as a choice on the CamStudio options/video options dropdown. I’m not clear on whether that’s the case, but if so, all of the settings can be made through Cam and should remain unchanged from one use to the next.

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