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Changing display resolution

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Hi, quick question, I record my screens full width which is 1440. I then resize my screen capture video to 1280. Would it benefit me to change my screen resolutions width to 1280 before capturing to improve capture performance? I changed the resolutions width to 1280 and it looked a lot more blurry but would it look the same in the end when i've resized it down anyway? Thanks


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    Yes, it definitely would be of benefit. You'd be capturing far fewer pixels, and the more pixels you are capturing the more of a strain it puts on your CPU and memory resources. Keep in mind that the region for CamStudio should be 1280x720 to get 720p HD. It should definitely not appear blurry - perhaps you are compressing it too much?

    Which video compressor will you be using? If the current default of Microsoft Video 1, setting the "quality" slider all the way to 100 will give you very clear results. I recommend never going below 80 myself, though some get by with it set to 70.

    That slider has no effect on Xvid (my favorite just due to familiarity) or other compressors. They usually have their own quality slider in the configuration settings dialog for that compressor. I keep Xvid's quality at 1 (best quality) and still pull 3 hour vids out of CamStudio at 720p.

    Do not let your file size go over 2GB or CamStudio will crash.

  • Thanks Terry, I posted about a month ago about capturing over 2GB and settled on x264 and it works perfect for average use but I'm capturing a DJ mix and when i'm scratching the sounds a bit choopy an it's all a bit unresponsive. Changing the capture area helps the most but would changing the screen to 1280 and capturing at 1280 give the same quality as keeping te screen at 1440 and capturing at 1440 then resizing down to 1280? If it wouldn't look as sharp i'd just not capture the C & D decks instead. Thanks
  • You'll probably get a bit sharper from capturing at the same resolution you will play back at. You aren't relying on re-sizing algorithms deciding for you what to throw away.

    The sound should be set to PCM 16-bit 44.1MhZ - I would not use anything else. Just watch your file sizes, but with Xvid or X264vfw you should be ok.

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