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Camstudio freezes frequently when recording art on tablet

edited August 2013 in Support
I've been trying to record art tutorials and for some reason, I start the recording and switch to Photoshop to do some tablet drawing, but it freezes at random points. To be specific, the pen stops working though the recording and everything else works fine. So I guess it would be more accurate to say the pen is the only thing that freezes. But if I stop the video, the pen works again perfectly. There appears to be no pattern as to when the pen stops, but it's usually within the first few seconds if at all. I usually have to try over and over until it finally decides to work the whole way through.

Has anyone else run into this kind of issue before?

Camstudio version is 2.7 r316
Photoshop is CS 5.5
Tablet is Bamboo Pen
Graphics: Nvidia (newest version available as of July)
Windows 7
8 GB Ram


  • I wouldn't be surprised if this problem was related to the keyboard shortcut polling issues players of Minecraft reported...

    We're working on the polling thing, so hopefully that will fix this. Meanwhile, I'll draw Nick's attention to this so he can notify our programmers.

  • Awesome :)

    In that you guys care so much about your work I mean... not that it's buggy. Because that's not awesome.
  • @iamgregor, we'll have an update out soon that (fingers crossed) should fix it but if not, let us know.


    Nick :)
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