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How to select a multiple frames as window?

edited October 2013 in Support
Assume I want to record everything what happens inside the Internet Explorer.
Therefore I select Menu Region->Window and start recording.
At next I have to select a window and so I clicked on the titlebar of the IE browser.
Unfortuantely only the title bar is recorded now.
But obviosuly I want ALL sub frames (title bar, tab bar, menu bar, bookmark bar and content pane) to be recorded at once !!

No, I don't want to select a freehand region.
It should be feasible to select really the whole browser window with all sub-windows/frames.

It tried it several times again without luck.

How can I select a sub-windows set/frame composition as a window to be recorded?



  • pstein,

    Interesting - I've never run into THAT glitch with the Window region option. One sec...

    HOLY COW!!!! That is sick.

    Well, this is new behavior for IE. If I click the center of the browser window, it does select everything BUT the titlebar and address bar, but you may need that addressbar in particular.

    You are stuck with having to use a fixed region. You can use the select button in there and recycle the numbers, including the top/left settings. But keep the width and height BOTH even-numbers, preferably standards, as some codecs do not like certain measurements. IF you want to use the top/left settings set with the Select button, first uncheck that box, then drag out the region, and then re-check the box and adjust your numbers to suit.

    This is not our fault - IE is the only browser treating those regions as separate programs. I recommend using Chrome/Firefox/Opera anyway, as anyone will tell you they are better browsers than IE. If you can, of course. Otherwise, you'll have to live with this limitation they've thrown at us.

  • Hi Terry,
    thank you for your reply. You are right Chrome and Firefox are smarter. But occasionally I have to use IntExp. So I would appreciate if you/camstudio authors could find a solution.

    Why not always investigating (from CamStudio) if Cursor marks a partial sub window of IntExp? If yes, then the whole IntExp window should be taken (at least as option)?

    Find the "outer" frame of all sub-windows should be not a problem.

    Thank you

  • I know for certain that we cannot find a solution. This is an IE thing that breaks the method used to select a window. They have thrown several windows at us stitched together. Without a common container, they cannot become selected as a unit.

    I'd be surprised if the outer frame exists at all.

    The Fixed Region option exists so you can circumvent this easily with very little pre-testing and preparation.

  • pstein,

    I did mess around some more and discovered that clicking on the left, bottom or right window EDGE of IE in a window that is not full-screen, but is rather "restored-down" would select the entire frame. So, give that a try and let me know if that works for you also.

  • Hi Terry,

    yes it works. So it is the proof that selecting multiple frames of IntExp works in general.
    Maybe you could manage that selecting the IE browser window somewhere in the middle works as well .....

    Thank you
  • I guess it has to do with the manner by which the program identifies a container for the frame or frames. Clicking in the middle would need to reference the parent frame. I'll ask Nick to put this one to the programmers!

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