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Need help with fixing a sound issue while recording a game

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OK so I've been talking to Terry about this but no luck, so he said I could try and post the issue I showed him which is this. (Never mind the lag keep in mind I talked with Terry and used the settings he gave me also might wanna lower your vol)

I messed around with the settings and even closed all tabs but the sound still does that, does anyone know anyway to fix this? The codec I been using is Xvid MPEG-4 (also tried Lossless Codec and even Microsoft Video 1) once I had CFE at 6000 and it ran "perfectfully" only issue...yeah no video just a still frame I try to keep the SKFE at 200 the CFE and PBR I messed around with a lot but that issue in the video above keeps happening the settings "changes nothing" even when my broswer closed it's still giving that sound issue.

I use Camstudios 2.6B, do I have to redownload it or can anyone help? If you use Camstudio to do Let's Plays then please try to help as I really wanna do those but this sound error is just...ugh. XD

EDIT:I forgot to say that I don't have Stereo Mix on my PC which is Windows XP, sorry I forgot to say that and the emulator I was using is visual boy advance-m.


  • There’s a lot of missing info regarding what you’ve done, but here are a few suggestions for some test settings:

    First, you’re not only using a bad video codec, but you’re using a bad version of it besides. Get this: X264vfw -

    Configure Ultra fast - CRF 23

    Check your “stereo mix” to make sure that “listen to this device” (if it has that) is UNchecked and that all other audio enhancements and play through devices are disabled.

    Record at full screen or some other “normal” video dimension. Set Cam at 40/25 with key frames set at 200. This is not necessarily the best configuration, but it will provide your media players a usable file to work with.

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    Yo Ken:I forgot to say that Stereo mix is "nowhere" on my PC I don't have it, I use Windows XP too. Also what does that Codec do will it just install it to Camstudios? It's asking to close everything else so hold on.

    OK "what" did that X264vfw do I don't see it anywhere? Also do you mean in my vol control to mute "everything" but the main vol/mic ones? I have all on. Wait I found the X264vfw, OK "what" is this program for? XD I thought it was going to be a codec not a PC program I probably won't use? I'm very picky with what I download you should've told me what this is or at the very least how to use it, I have no idea what to do with this so please detail if you can.
  • That's a codec, Cody - it appears in the drop-down menu at the top in Video options after you install it. Just like Xvid.

  • Well, when I said there was a lot of missing info, one of the things I was talking about was the O.S. you’re using. It’s been over a year since I finally pitched our old XP machine, and I can’t really say I remember what settings I was using for audio, but I don’t remember ever having the type of trouble you’re experiencing. As Terry was saying, x264 is just another codec which will appear on your dropdown list when it is installed and registered on your computer. I’d always recommend it first as a sort of test codec when starting with Cam, because those 3 settings are all you need to get it up and running, and you never really need to go back to make later changes or adjustments. Doing a test with that will almost certainly eliminate a bad codec as the cause of the problem.

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    To Terry:How is this a codec I thought those were what Camstudios uses as a compresser? Either way Idk how to use this.

    To Ken:OK but please tell me...

    "how" do I even use this? I never saw a program like this before so no idea how it could even help me.

    EDIT:OK what is this I posted a link to a screenshot of the program but the link won't show?
  • You might try downloading the latest version of Camstudio and give that a try.

    Both x264 and Xvid MPEG-4 are very similar codecs and nothing more. Many will find x264 a bit easier to use because there are fewer settings in the x264 interface (what you get when you go to “options/video/x264/configure”) Apparently Terry already told you about the settings to use to record with Cam, so that’s all there is to it.

    Poor audio quality may be caused by something going on with your computer’s system sound, and that’s a tough one to diagnose without having the computer to look at. The best place to start is by making sure that all software playthrough devices and enhancements (including effects) are disabled when using recording software like Cam or Audacity.

  • To Ken:You mean like mute every sound related thing in my vol conrol but the main vol?
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    Disabled, not muted.

    If you go into the audio settings tabs for the Recording Devices and Playback Devices, you'll see a bunch of options in Tabs. In the Playback Devices "Enhancements" tab for the analog speakers, there are often some effects choices. He's saying to make sure none of them are active.

    Also, in the "Advanced" section is usually a drop-down showing different bit rate and sample rates. Set that to 16-bit, 44100 Hz CD Quality perhaps. (Let me know what it was set to before you changed it if changing this setting fixes your problem...)

  • Cody, I hosted the image for you at my site so it would show. Mediafire won't share pics stored there!

    Those settings are the standards. Ken suggested on another post changing the setting under the “basics/ presets” to “ultrafast”.

    I only use Xvid myself, and my settings are shown in that 2.7 tutorial video around 21:20.


  • To Terry:Your need need to show me where the PBR options/enhancements are do you mean in the "Audio opetons for mic/speakers" or something else?
  • Cody,

    They would be in Windows 7 - sorry, I forgot you were running XP. It doesn't have such things, so that is likely not the issue for you.

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    To Terry:Ah OK, well so what could I do then? Also the video up top is for Camstudios 2.7 I have 2.6, should I just uninstall/delete my ver and redownload it?

    EDIT:Yahoo is just refusing to work so gonna post my message to Terry here.

    "Say I already a Xvid it's called "Xvid-1.3.2-20110601" if you want me to download the other should I unistall?"
  • Cody,

    The Xvid you have is fine.

    I would install the latest version 2.7 definitely.

    I'm out of ideas concerning the sound. If you have a RealTek Sound Manager control panel, look in there to see if you can make the audio bit rate 16-bit 44000 sample rate.

    Elsewise, use Audacity to record the sound instead and record without audio into CamStudio. Then merge the audio using Windows Movie Maker or VirtualDub or something.

  • To Terry:But wouldn't Audacity record the sound issue? Unless I record the video/sound one at a time (would need to be a dang master at reacting the gameplay) I don't see how that could help, and if you link me the link to download 2.7 I'll uninstall 2.6 and install it.
  • I don't know where the sound issue is emanating from, that's the problem. If it is something to do with how CamStudio is getting the sound in, that would be verified if Audacity had no problems the way I see it.

    The link to download 2.7.2 is at as will be all the updates that are rolling out. Always get it from here or from our sourceforge project page.

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    To Terry:Wait I gotta pay? Too bad paypal only has like $1 left...and yeah I figure the video settings aren't affecting the sound at all that it has to do with the audio options, the audio options for recording with a mic is 22.05kHz, stereo, 16 bit while the soundcard for the speaker options is at SoundMAX Digital Audio and it's the only option there.
  • What are you talking about paying? CamStudio is and always has been and always will be free.

    You clicked the donation link, speedy! Scroll down to the download link.

    This is your SoundMax card causing the problem, then. Nothing to do with CamStudio. Check their forums for help with those issues. There may be a new driver you can download that fixes these issues you have been having.

  • To Terrry:Hm appears this deleted my reply from eailer...basically I asked why SoundMAX was causing the audio even when recording from the mic?
  • Cody,

    That's a new twist! So, I say I am of the opinion that the soundcard is conked out and if so I would suggest getting a different sound card in there.

  • Terry:Well how do I get a new sound card? Never messed with them tho.
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    Money. You have to go buy one. In the USA from Best Buy or CompUSA/Tiger Direct, but Amazon has them too. Advice on what soundcard to get is beyond the purview of this forum, at least as far as advice from me is concerned (as I don't know nor follow latest developments there), but you are welcome to start a "Best Soundcards for CamStudio" thread if you like as a separate discussion.

  • Terry: It’s not a bad idea for a thread at all. Problem is we really don’t have enough info to post to that thread. One solution to all of these problems is to find a proper external USB sound card like those made by Creative Labs, because most of them have “what u hear” (stereo mix) capabilities, meaning that they could be easily moved later to computers which do not have this feature, and that would be a very easy fix for people running into that problem as well. The laptop issue would be gone. We’d just need to know which models do indeed have “what you hear”.

  • To Ken and Terry:Keep in mind I use Windows XP and not all sound cards and external stuff would work for it they have to be able to work on my ver of Windows XP, guess I could download the 2.7 ver and see, if I have the same issue still then Idk. XD
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