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Audio compression format question

edited November 2013 in Support
I was using CamStudio and just updated to the following (most recent) version (2.7.2 r326).

I noticed that a setting had changed under 'Audio Options for Microphone - Compressed Format'. It went from
22050 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo 88200 Bytes/sec
MPEG Layer-3
22050 Hz, Stereo 8000 Bytes/sec

The Recording Format is set to 22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit. I don't remember if I had set PCM as the compression format in the previous version by myself or if it was the default setting.
It does show the option to change the audio compression format where the two have different attributes, but when I select PCM and click OK, nothing changes.
Not that I specifically want PCM but I'm wondering why it doesn't allow me to use it as I did before.
Is it much different than MPEG Layer-3? I just don't want to lose audio quality.


  • I highly recommend that you set it back to PCM.

    The reason I say this is that MP3 has caused audio to drift out of sync in the past.

    If you check the box that says "Use MCI for recording" it forces it to the system settings. But when I record with a mic alone, I often use PCM 44.1k Mono 16-bit. It results in a "stereo-mono" with the audio coming from the center.

    I am using the latest version and it changes for me - but you need to change the upper "Recording Format" drop-down first... perhaps that's what's going on. Then you change the compression format.

    BTW - I'm running 2.7.2 build 326, which has the keyboard-shortcut bug that should be squashed this week.

  • edited November 2013
    I kept the 'Use MCI Recording' checkbox on and the same Recording Format.
    The new version allows me to set PCM as the Audio Compression Format with all recording formats except '22.05 kHz, stereo, 16-bit (and 8-bit)' which only allows MPEG Layer-3.

    I'm mostly recording gameplay so Stereo is important but audio quality doesn't need to be the best. I find 22.05 kHz helps cut down on file size and compression time (less time to wait before I can record again) and gives me more recording time before I reach the 2GB limit.

    If I can't use PCM, what's the next best setting? Should I just reinstall the previous version?
  • That's interesting to hear - I didn't know about that limitation. I do not have an MP3 compressor codec installed on my machine, so I can get PCM no matter what combination I select frm the upper drop-down there. Use MCI to record bypasses all these settings and uses the system audio settings instead.

    If audio quality isn't a big issue, then I recommend using ADPCM - it is an old codec, but YouTube likes it OK and it is pretty universally available. Here's an article I wrote a while ago:

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