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No sound in CamStudio 2.7.2 (build r326)

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I recently lost my motherboard in a computer which ran CamStudio with no problems.

I bought a second-hand Toshiba Satellite lap top computer, running Win7, that's about 5 years old, and downloaded CamStudio 2.7.2 (build r326). My problem is that I can't get CamStudio to record any sound with my movies. I mainly record UTube videos.

I've tried using the microphone for sound, but of course that didn't work, though I tried using a patch cord between the mike and earphone outlets which I saw on the forum and which only caused feedback.

I next tried 'Stereo Mix' which I saw someone use in the forum who had a 'Realtek' sound chip, but that didn't work either.

Any help will be appreciated,



  • Oops, I found the culprit!

    I changed the 'Playback through this device' from 'Default playback device' or 'Speakers' to 'Realtek Digitable Output' options. I also checked 'Listen to this device'.

    Hope that this might help someone else who has the same problem. :o)

  • Stereo Mix derives its signal from the Analog Speakers device (oddly, not from the headphones device... so you have to plug headphones into the speaker-out jack on the back of most PCs!)

    See this video to see how to get that running on Windows 7:

    Glad you have it running, though!

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