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Portable v2.7.2 r326

edited November 2013 in General Discussion
Hello, I gathered the necessary files to make the v2.7.2 r326 so I can use it on my work PC which I cant install without admin rights so this portable version is needed. Anyways, I had to add the mfc100.dll, msvcp100.dll and the msvcr100.dll files to the structure due to my work PC didn't have or cant install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.

Everything works correctly except for the keyboard shortcuts. If I select F8 to pause then a small window comes up and displays a "0" and if I select F9 to stop the capture then the box displays "1". I'm not sure if I will get any help on this but I really like it at work It comes in handy and is very useful. Is there a way I can get the keyboard shortcuts to work?



  • The box appears on any installation of that version because it was uploaded with a "test window" left active that was supposed to be commented-out after ensuring the new code worked, but then the programmer's computer went kerflooey, and he is rebuilding a new one and will give us the repaired version as soon as his world is sane again in that regard.

    It will likely be numbered version 2.7.3 when it is released, so just keep checking at for the updated version to appear.

    The other issue for the portable version is whether it will save your settings, as presently it tries to save in the users\personsname\appData folder. It needs to save those files (and look for them) in the program folder on your stick if running it as a portable app.

    I'll ask Nick to look at this and forward it to the programmer.

  • Thank You Terry I will keep a lookout.
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