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"If you have problems click "Help"
I changed in Options from "Do not record Audio" to "Record Audio from Speakers"
and get tis note "WaveoutGetSelectControl0 failed"
What to do now (I need to also record sound/audio)
Where is the HELP?
PS I am using Windows 7 with Raltek HD Audio Manager
I clicked STEREO MIX to activate it and the sound Icon, but when I repeat this STEREO MIX is unselected again


  • "Record from Speakers" no longer works on most modern machines.

    Use "Record from Microphone".

    System sounds need to be captured via Stereo Mix from the "Record from Speakers" dialog at present. Stereo Mix gets its signal from the analog speakers, so those have to be the default device for playback.

    To get system sounds AND preferably microphone together into recordings:
    Presently that has to be accomplished via a kludge performed with Stereo Mix as the default recording device, analog speakers as the default playback device, and with the microphone's "listen" tab selected, the "listen" box checked, and the output sent to the analog speakers to route it into Stereo Mix -- which gets its signal frm the analog speakers buss.
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