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Video Option @ Win7,32b

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Hello Everyone!
Thanks for permission to write in this forum, i hope to found a solution...
I have installed the last version of CamStudio (2.7.2 r326) but when i clicked "video option" the program crashed. I found to the Option->ProgramOption->Troubleshoot... i've put the flag in the "Restrict my video codecs to prevent crashing." and the program now is all ok BUT the window of "video option" doesn't appear...
"What can i do" is alla i can say...
Can anyone help me?


  • See this post to remove any old settings sitting on your computer first so we start fresh:

    Revert that setting you'd made in the troubleshoot section so you can see if the above has the fix.

    We'll get it going eventually!

  • Sorry but is not working yet...
    What is the problem??
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    Not sure. I've asked Nick to come take a look also.

    It has to be the default codec that is selected already (the first in the list).

    You can try this in case it is a problem with the Aero desktop themes - right-click on your desktop and select "Personalize" and choose one of the Aero-free themes, like "Windows 7 Basic" if you are running Win7, and see if you can open it then.

  • @RioOspo

    What *exact* version of Windows are you using? XP? Vista? 7? 8? 32 or 64-bit?
    What is your graphics card?
    What resolution is your screen?


    Nick :)
  • Heei Community,
    I had the EXACT SAME problem with my Camstudio 2.7.2.
    Click on "Video Options" => crash
    [Win 7 64bit; Intel E8400; GeForce GT240]

    When I installed Camstudio it worked fine. I made some test recordings with the Camstudio lossless code and it did the job well.
    After the testing I installed Sony Vegas 7 to do some editing, and this is the point where I had the Video Option crash problem.
    When I set the "Restrict my video codecs to prevent crashing." option I could not access the Video Option at all. (like RioOspo)
    I also tried to re-install it several times.

    So I de-installed Sony Vegas and Camstudio Video Options worked again!!
    Maybe you also have installed Sony Vegas [or other similar software] and it causes the problem.

    I googled for it and fhere are quiete some people who have this problem.
    Sorry for my bad english,
    greetings from Germany! =)
  • Doomkeks,

    Whoa! That is an oddball problem if there ever was one! I wonder what Sony Vegas is doing to us that breaks things?

    This is likely something the programmer might be able to find a workaround for, but who knows....

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