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Trojan detected when I tried to update to 2.7.2 (Build r326)

edited December 2013 in Announcements
I have been trying out CamStudio and today when I opened it, it notified me that an update was available. When I tried to download the update my McAfee Security software halted the download and said it contained a trojan. Shortly after my initial download of CamStudio a month or so ago I got a nasty trojan that takes over my browser and who knows what else it does. McAfee could not get rid of it, and after hours of trying to manually remove it from my files and registry it came back. I would like to send you a screenshot of the notice from McAfee but I can't add attachments.

I was planning on making a donation, but I would only do so for clean software. If you could add an option to download a clean version of CamStudio if a payment/donation was made, I would be happy to do so, but unless I disable my virus scanner, I couldn't download CamStudio even if I wanted to.

Here is the info from McAfee from my most recent try to download the update:

Threats detected
Artemis!8A9E699E757D (Trojan)

Please make a clean version of CamStudio available for payment (since I liked the software) or I will have to discontinue using, updating, or recommending your product.
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