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Hello TERRY,
I am working on AsusR500, Windows8.1 and MS office 2013.
I try to make a video of a PowerPoint, but in presentation mode it seams to be not possible. I can't get the fonctions of CamStudio to record. Do you have a solution ? Is it possible, while PowerPoint offer to create a video too.
Sincely yours (and excuse my bad english)


  • First, I must ask why you are using CamStudio to record the PowerPoint when it has its own recording software built into version 2013? (Has had it since PP 2010).

    I recommend you download an older version of CamStudio that has working function keys. Your greatest obstacle in doing this with the current version of CamStudio is that the function keys are broken as a result of some rogue test code that remained accidentally after the release. Try this version instead.

    F8 starts the recording.
    F9 stops and opens the save dialog or saves automatically depending on your settings.
    F10 cancels.

    Version 2.7.3 will have this bug fixed and will have better tools for audio as well.

    Let me know if this solves your problem!

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