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Which software to use for editing (text overlay, more audio tracks, ...) the video after recording?

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I'm new to CamStudio (and screen recording or video editing in general) and I have some basic questions.

I'm working with the current version of Camstudio and on Windows 7.

I want to create screencasts to show other people how to use special software. Recording in AVI format worked well and I managed to reduce file size with Handbrake.

What I'm missing yet is how to create text overlay (e. g. making a box with a "heading" appear or create a start screen which displays the title of the video, my name and the current date for example).
I tried Avidemux and handbrake, but did not find such a feature there.

Is there another free software, available for Windows (and ideally also MacOS X and Linux), which can do that?
I saw this thread here: but it seems, that Cinelerra and OpenShot are Linux-only.

Which software can I use?

Kind regards



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    I definitely can recommend Lightworks free version.

    But Windows Movie Maker Live will work fine for just doing titles. Download the Windows Live Essentials stuff here:

  • VSDC Free Film Editor seems to be getting high marks lately. I’ve downloaded it, but have yet to try it out, so I can’t report on how well it works, but the reviews seem to suggest that it has a wide range of features and capabilities.

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    Thanks for the tip. Here is the official website for them:

    I'll give it a look! They offer the editor free, but offer a paid-for level of tech support services.

  • thanks for your answers!
    I can not install Windows Live Essentials on my work PC, as it causes problems with some other software I need for my work.
    I'll try VSDC - however it is a pity that there is no free platform independent solution.
    Apparently, Camstudio is also Windows only :-(

    But thanks for the good software and the great support here!

    Kind regards

  • ElWood,

    Lightworks is multi-platform - OSX, Windows and Linux.

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