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How to record the full-content of an open Window, even if the physical-window is reduced in size?

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I'd like to record my chat-roullete sessions (as full-window), as I am using another open tab/window to use a soundboard. Is it possible to record a tab/windows content in full-screen, even if during recording, it's rezsized, to allow other tabs be seen on my screen?


  • If you size one window or region to 1280x720 on a 1080p screen, it leaves plenty of room left over for another window as you describe off to the side, and appears as an HD full-screen recording. I hope I understood what you meant!

  • K
    This is what my screen looks like when I am recording:

    This is what I want the finished product to look like

    In order to record the chatroulette window only, do I choose Region, Fixed Region, Window, or Full Screen?

    Also, are there any hot-keys I can use to commence/stop recording (so I can keep camstudio minimized and out of my sight?)
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    Window, though fixed region would also work. But it will still capture anything intruding into its region. It does not differentiate between windows - only by region. So, you have to get that other window out of the way entirely - onto a second monitor, perhaps.
  • Thanks, Terry!
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