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closing properly camstudio_cli

edited June 2014 in Support
everytime that i close camstudio_cli the video generated is corrupted, i have try several ways to close it and none of them works fine. i have read on the internet there are more people having the same problem that i have. i use this command to start camstudio_cli: "C:\Users\sistemas\Downloads\camstudio_cl.exe -outfile C:\Users\sistemas\Desktop\test.avi -codec 3", what could i do to close it so the file test.avi wasn´t corrupted?. i would like to record the session of a user once he logs in the computer, i would use that command at the beginning of his session to start recording but i dont know what to do to close the software at the end of his session. the only way i have achieved the file test.avi is not corrupted is entering the return key inside the ms-dos window. i dont want the user to do this since i dont want the user to be aware that i am recording his session.

thanks in advance for your help.

i look forward to getting your news.

if you need more info about this issue, just let me know.



  • It might not be the closing that is crashing it, but rather that the file size is going over the 2 gigabyte file size limitation imposed by this using the AVI-1 specification.

    If you could use Xvid or x.264vfw as the codec, you could get more time, but as I assume you are doing a full-screen recording by this method, don't expect a miracle.

    You might be able to use a timer and send an enter command in the batch script, but I haven't written batch scripts in years, so you'd have to look that up. I'll forward this to Nick to ask the programmers about.

  • it is not a question of time/size, i have the same problem when i record 15 seconds video. i would need to use a script to send an enter command in the batch script but truth to be told, i dont know how to do it, my computer and programming knowledge is not so deep.
  • i already know how to do it, just in case anybody wants to know it.
  • Yes, please do explain how - I'm sure someone else will find it useful!

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