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no stereo mix

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Hi there.

Due to my last laptop going into meltdown, I have had to replace it... I rather hastily bought a lenovo G50-45. Not exactly a high end machine, but on paper it seemed like it was suited for my needs... if only temporarily. It runs win8 64... but something i never knew about it at the time, and I know I'm not exactly adept with computers, is that it seems to lack stereomix as one of the options in the sounds tab. Even when i check the boxes looking for disabled or disconnected devices.

So, i have been struggling to record any sounds with camstudio. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how i can resolve this issue? Any advice at all would be appreciated...

If you would require any more system information or whatever, I will be happy to oblige as I would like to get this sorted.

In advance, i would like to thank you for your time. I have been using camstudio for a couple of years now, and i really like it and would like to continue to use it.


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  • There is a great free program (fully working, donationware) called "Voicemeeter" that you can get here:

    It is much better than a mere replacement for Stereo Mix. Just install it running the installer by right-clicking on it after extracting it to a folder and choosing "Run as Administrator". Then go into the Playback Devices and make it the default playback device, and then go into Recording Devices and make it the default recording device, and you'll be good to go!

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