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is more compact audio possible?

i've been recording some 10-minute-long streaming video clips from BBC's iPlayer site; with sound. im using Xvid with good video results, but the filesizes seemed rather large for the length of the recording (in the neighborhood of 150-200 megabytes)

anyway, i used Gspot v2.70 to look more closely at the files.. the video on a typical recording is only about 40 percent of the filesize, whereas the AUDIO is 60 percent, around 100 megabytes of the total size! (for a 10 minute clip) the audio codec is PCM audio. in CamStudio i looked in the options and could see no way to select a specific audio codec that would be more compact (e.g, MP3)
am i just missing something? if i am not, i strongly suggest allowing selection of different audio codecs in future versions of CamStudio so users can better manage filesize. i still LOVE this program, it helps me capture web video when my firefox DownloadHelper plugin cant. thanks for any replies!

PS: one minor issue, when you go to the "Help" menu and click Frequently Asked Questions, it goes to a dead link (with my ISP it just goes to one of those generic domain placeholder adsites.


  • You can only change the audio compression settings for microphone input - not for recording from the speakers.

    CamStudio doesn't have a function to compress audio that has been recording directly from the soundcard.

    To shrink the end AVI, run it through VirtualDub with audio compression set to Full Processing Mode and change the audio compression to MP3 or whatever compression you want to use.

    It's another task, but it's the only way to do it.

    Re: the Help menu issue, that company - eHelp - bought CamStudio from Rendersoft (the original author) and who were in turn bought by Macromedia (now Adobe) PHEW!

    Looks like the current domain owner let it lapse or forgot to renew it and it no longer redirects to Macromedia > Adobe.
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