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So, i see that CamStudio still uses Sourceforge, and i was wondering if it's possible to move over to GitHub? It's honestly much better to deal with for contributions, and it overall just works better than Sourceforge.
I've used CamStudio in the past, and i wanted to see if there's anything i could do to contribute, now that i haven't really used it in a long time, and i think GitHub would be a good platform for that!

I want to hear other's thoughts on this :)


  • I believe this search will turn up more information for you. I only know that the code was moved over to mercurial.
  • @iSasFTW, I chose Sourceforge in the beginning as I think back then they were pretty much the only "game in town" - I don't think Github was around in 2005.

    Moving from SF to GH isn't just a matter of transferring files, there are other implications like search engine rankings, so I have to take everything into consideration.

    Likewise, running two code repos (1 x SF, and 1 x GH) isn't feasible either as syncing the two codebases would be impossible.

    So for the time being, CamStudio will have to stay on SF.

    Thanks for posting!
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