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Cannot Capture Full Screen of 16:9 Second Monitor


I'm new to the forum and CamStudio (2.7 r316 from SourceForge). I'm trying to capture the screen of my second monitor, but it only captures part of it. The left side is cut off about 25% and black is added to the right side, about 25%, maybe more. The bottom is also cut off slightly. The actual capture, aside from the black, appears to be a 5:4 image, cut off from the rest. But the Region option chosen was "Select Screen". Both my laptop and second monitor are 16:9 displays. It will capture my laptop screen fine, but not if I make it my secondary screen. Also, if I choose Region or Fixed Region, I seem to be limited to the right-most 75% of the screen. I've tried Camtasia's trial version, and it captures the full 16:9 secondary screen fine. Any ideas, suggestions?

Thank you


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    CamStudio relies on the video buffers to get its video from, and different systems have different ways of delivering that content. CamStudio's methods are rather old, and newer motherboards and GPU's do not always do things the way CamStudio was set up to expect. Usually, the method of last resort that works is the "Fixed Region" approach, using the "select region" button in there and then adjusting the numbers manually. But clearly in your case it is not working as expected. BTW - make sure to uncheck the "top/left" checkbox before using the selection tool in there.

    I can tell you that I have had better luck with using as a recorder for multi-screen recording. Although most people think of it as a game streaming tool, it actually is a great screen recorder that includes some nice basic compositing tools. I have a playlist of video tutorials on getting started using the original version of that here:

    One other thing to look at is whether Windows has adjusted your view percentages for those screens. That can sometimes throw things off.

  • Thanks Terry! After using an app called Sizer, I found what's happening. Since my desktop is "extended" onto the second monitor, CamStudio seems to measure from the leftmost side of my primary screen. So anything beyond 1920 is on my second screen. Fixed region works taking that into account. For example: I want to record a 1740 x 979 window on my second screen, I set my left position in CamStudio to 2005 and it captures correctly. That places it about centered L-R. I used Sizer to change the size of my window to exactly what and where I wanted it to be, keeping with a 16:9 ratio, and to help pin down the needed settings. I'll check out obsproject as well. Thank you!
  • Aha!!! I forgot all about that! Yes, you can finagle with the top/left setting also to force only the portion of a screen you want as well, I think. Remember to un-check that checkbox before using the selector if you do that, then it will record the top and left numbers, which you can then tweak after re-checking that box to make it work.

    Thanks for persevering!

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