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Crashes when select a screen

I have a multiple screen setup and whenever I select the screen I want to record camstudio crashes.

Visual studio reports it as Unhandled exception at 0x0041F86B in Recorder.exe: 0xC000041D:

My exact setup is Surface Pro4 + External monitor using the DVI connector + 2 more monitors connect via a displaylink hub (Anker). The external DVI monitor is set as main monitor


  • I've tried narrowing it down a bit. Still get same problem with just the 1 external DVI monitor.

    * Doesn't matter which monitor is main.
    * works fine with just the built in screen (no select screen option)
    * All other region options work

    What info would be useful to you? Can I supply a dump?

    PS the region menu does not update if you plug/unplug monitors
  • Some more details on the screen settings in WIndows 10

    1. 2736 * 1824 landscape with 200% scaling
    2. 1920 * 1080 landscape with 100% scaling

    screens extended.
  • Did you see Morning Sleeper's post? Somehow, simply reinstalling CamStudio set his 3-monitor setup to working again! Give that a try? I also have 3 monitors, but I am not encountering any problems when using "Region/Fixed Region" and the select button there. Be sure to make certain your numbers are all even ones - most compressors will not tolerate odd dimensions for width or height.
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