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CamStudio crashes when converting a mp4

Hello, I'm having some problems with camstudio. I'm using v 2.7.4
If I set the file format to mp4 and record a video, camstudio crashes when converting the file to mp4 at about 10 or 15%, generating a corrupted file. A window saying "CamStudio has stopped responding" pops up and then it closes.

What can I do?


  • On certain machines, CamStudio crashes when attempting to run ffmpeg on-the-fly to convert the AVI it recorded. (It does not record to MP4 directly, but rather, it converts afterward.) I have no idea why that happens.

    I would record to AVI instead (which it is doing anyway, with all the problems like the remaining 2GB file size limitation), and then use a different program to do the conversion, or use ffmpeg frm the command line if you have that installed with a more current version.

    You could try the two troubleshooting options in the Options menu (at the bottom). I do not have this problem, so I have not been able to test it further.

  • In the absence of another application, one could take a 60 second test MPEG-4 /AVI output and try uploading it to Youtube. If the "Tube" can't properly convert it, there's something wrong with the parameters of the capture product.
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