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Fixed Region Selection Not Working Properly

I have used Camstudio r354 for a while. The select a region used to work fine. I could select a region with the upper left corner fixed. Now all of a sudden if I select any region, only the width and height parameters change. The upper left corner never changes.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did not do the trick.
Anybody can please help out?



  • I have tried unselect and select the top left corner and it is still not working.
    Anybody has any idea what's going on?
  • I do know what is going on. Before hitting the "Select" button, make certain the "Top/Left" checkbox is un-checked. Then perform your selection. You will see the numbers populate then. You now need to re-check that box, and all will be good.

  • Also, be certain your width and height are both even numbers or it won't work anyway with most modern codecs. The latest version has a checkbox to round the numbers off that I would keep checked myself.

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