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Using CamStudio Recorder v2.7.4, performed recording in AVI mode, but it is saved as .wav file

Using CamStudio Recorder v2.7.4, performed recording in AVI mode, but it is saved as .wav file.
File size is 4GB.

Referring the discussions, I tried to convert .wav to .avi using VirtualDub-1.10.4, but not completely successful.

Only few seconds of the content records got converted from .wav to .avi, and that too the content converted was in between the recording. So not sure how VirtualDub-1.10.4 performed action.

Following is what I have done using VirtualDub-1.10.4.

1. downloaded VirtualDub-1.10.4
2. opened VirtualDub tool
3. from the tool, using the active option to OPEN VIDEO FILE, in that file open window, checked "ask extended options after this dialog"
4. in the next dialog, checked the first option - "re-derive key frame flags"
5. And the .wav file got opened
6. After opening, it processed for a while to reconstruct and gave a warnings message as "Index not found or damaged - reconstructing via file scan" & "invalid chunk detected at 2056, enabling aggressive recovery mode", so clicked OK button

And what I see is only few seconds of recording got converted from .wav to .avi

So, I am looking for a better tool (if any) to resolve this, can you kindly suggest any better tool or process to convert the 4GB .wav to .avi

Thanks in advance.


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    There is a 2GB file size limitation when using CamStudio, in that is was written to the AVI 1.0 specification, which did not allow for files larger than that. (The AVI 2.0 spec does, but it requires an entire overhaul of CamStudio to implement that.) That .wav extension is not "real". It is a raw data file and is most likely irrecoverable. 4GB is really much, much too large for VirtualDub to recover.

    The best information I've ever seen on file recovery is from our friend here, Amar, and I've reproduced his information in full in this post:
  • If you regularly will need to record longer files, I cannot recommend the free programs at too highly. I have a growing playlist of tutorial videos for the "Classic" version at my YouTube channel here:
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