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Proper codec

I downloaded CamStudio over a year ago and got frustrated with it very quickly. I finally found a tutorial on how to set it up and did finally make a few short videos. Now I have a real need to use it and I am back to the frustration again.
When I set it up before I had the proper codec in the dropdown list and now I don't. Not sure what happened to it but I have tried the remaining 3 codecs and they all have their own errors, mostly dealing with audio not linking to video. The errors that flash on the screen are very short lived and after the error the software just shuts down. What I think I need is the proper (latest) version of the software as well as recommended settings to record fullscreen, online classroom sessions. Can someone point me in the right direction?


  • Probably best to start from scratch with the codecs. Download an new MPEG-4 codec and an x264vfw, to make sure they are properly registered on your computer. They should then show up in Cam as well as other programs which use computer codecs.
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    I still use primarily Xvid and x264vfw - install those, restart your computer and they will show up.

    MAKE SURE to install the 32-bit versions, as CamStudio is 32-bit and cannot see or use 64-bit codecs.

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