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Project Management Software - What's the best?

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Hi All

A quick shout out to all forum members - I want to setup a centralized place to keep track of CS dev - what's the best solution?

A service-based one like Basecamp? Or get hold of a script like DotProject?

What are everyone's thoughts? Ghosty, I'll be interested in hearing your opinion on this ...


Nick :o)


  • LOL, when I read it, I was thinking CMS, then I saw PMS. :D Anyways, I wouldn't trust Basecamp, because in there ToS (probably somewhere) it'll say something like "If you quit, we still get all of your crap to redistribute....blah blah blah" and I would try to get a hold of a script that you can install on your OWN server, it would probably be cool, so I suggest that you get an installable script.... I'll do some googling later to see if I can find some stuff.
  • I'm just back from 2 days without the Net - BAH - anyway found this script (free and O-S)

    From what I've gathered, it's a fork from ActiveCollab that used to be free.

    Looks pretty groovy.
  • Wow, nice! I was thinking about ActiveCollab, as it was on Wiki. But, I just want to say, looks good. =D
  • Real late to this thread but I highly recommend Mantis bug tracker. It's good for tracking bug/feature reports and collaboration on specific issues. I wouldn't call it a project-management environment because it's light on things like scheduling, progress toward a goal, tracking individual contributions, etc. But it does allow tasks to be created and assigned to individuals, with estimates for completion, etc. For CS and what I understand about what you're doing here it might be adequate. YMMV HTH
  • Hi,
    I have been using a web based project management system named proofhub ( for past one year. It is very user friendly and has features like to-dos, milestone, timesheet, file section, etc which have made my work hassle free. So you can try it out or some other alternatives like basecamp, zoho, asana and see which suits you the best.
  • Chris,

    How the heck did you ever find this thread!?!?!?

  • Hi Terry,

    I was searching through the forum and this thread came in front of me. So I had commented on it.
  • In addition I can recommend We have been working with it for a 1/2 year.
    The free version is limited to 5 users.
    It has great connection with visual studio (or through some plugins with Eclipse, IntelliJ).

    So if some work with Team Foundation Server, it will be the same, but in the cloud from Microsoft.
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