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Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

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I just installed this last night, and my mind is going crazy with all the things I can use it for! I'm so happy that there are people that spend their time to make my computer so much more fun to use and 'sometimes' even a useful tool (I never use it for anything productive though)!! lol

I started this discussion so the people that spend their time working on this program for us can actually read how much everyone appreciates CamStudio and the time they've all volunteered. Please leave your thanks here for them to read. I can only imagine they get tired of reading about nothing but problems.



  • @nate_rio

    You're more than welcome and thanks for thanks ... :o)


    Nick :o)
  • I support you, nate.
  • I agree the ease at which the program installed combined with the excellent help file included allowed me to worry about the training I was recording and not the program. Kudos!

  • Nate, you're a good guy. and they deserve it.
  • Yeah, all in all, this program is amazing.
  • Nick da Geek,
    Add me to Nate Rio's comments; to all of you folks have contributed your time and expertise and shared this prog with all of us.

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if so inclined and thank you again.

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