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Impossible to record from Speakers.

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Hello, I have trouble with CamStudio. When I try to "Record From Speakers", it says: "WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed."
I see it happens alot on vista, but something strange happens:
My OS is Windows XP (SP 2)! Definetly not Vista.

Could you help me please? Oh, and my audio-driver is from Realtek (Some of their newest, i bought it up with a new soundcard and generally an almost new PC just a couple of months ago, from a store that is always up-to-date with their stocks.) PS: The skin of the driver is somehow like blue / cyan, it says "Gigabite technology" on the top, and there are many tabs like "Sound Effect", "Mixer", etc...
Audio Driver Version:
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0
Audio Controller: HD Audio
Audio Codec: ALC662


  • @soryy708

    Unfortunately, not all soundcards support this feature.

    You might be able to record all playing audio by changing your input audio to Stereo/Mono Mix/What-U-Hear.

    Double-click the speaker icon in the system tray and select Advanced > Properties > Recording

    If there's a Stereo Mix, Mono Mix or What-U-Hear option in the list, tick the checkbox and then make it the active audio input by selecting the checkbox underneath the fader.

    Other than that, I don't know another way.



    Nick :o)
  • Alright... but, crack up the source code and change stuff so it will be supported?
    It is seriously obvious if I have the latest Audio-Card, but it dosent let me record. Its like forcing me to downgrade myself to something damn old!
  • The trouble is, the source code for that particular function was never released with the original 2.0 source, so it will need to be recreated from scratch to make sure it works.

    And that's going to take time, a programmer and possibly money if one isn't in a position to donate their time.


  • pfff...
    i know some C++ but not good enough (i guess).
    can i have a look at the source code?
  • edited July 2009
    Wasn't this fixed in a recent build?

    There was also another recent build listed here as well, though I'm not sure what the changes are to it:
  • dosent work
  • Hi, soryy708:
    I left you a message in the other thread

    Maybe it'll help. Cheers,

  • I replied ;)
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