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Background noise.

edited February 2008 in General Discussion
Hi All,

I updated my sound card drivers,
Recorded two videos, when I played them back there's a lot of background noise.
Any way to remove this or do I have to redo the vids.
I use Vdub.



  • Have you tried changing your Audio Codec? Also, what Mic are you using? Do you use Vdub for editing, or recording?
  • Its the driver update causing the probs, I rolled back the driver,
    and tested recording. The background noise has gone.
    I use Vdub for compressing only.
  • Oh, all right. I thought it might be something else, but you got it fixed. :)
  • Got rid of the driver prob.

    I extracted the audio from the two videos,

    removed the noise, and reaplied the audio,
    that saved me rediong the videos.

    Cheers for your input.
  • What did you use to rip the audio from it, then re-apply it? (For future reference if anybody has the same prob). List all of your softwares that you used if you could. -Thanks
  • KevKev
    edited February 2008
    Hi ghosty,

    I used Vdub,
    File/ Save Wave, opened it in an old programme I had Cool Edit.
    Removed the noise.
    Vdub Audio/ Wav Audio/ Direct Stream Copy,
    then F7 to save as an Avi.
  • edited February 2008
    All right cool. Seems as though you found the solution.
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