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Can't Sync Sound to Video with Anything.

edited July 2009 in Support
New to Camstudio and tried to create my first Video Screen Capture of about 20 minutes.
I am trying to record audio, Powerpoint slides and pre-saved Screenshots.

I tried using both a Loigitech headset and cheap microphone but seem to have sound and timing problems no matter what I do.
My general settings are: Playback Rate 20, Capture rate 50, sound mid range, 44.1Mhz 16 Bit Mono and I guess most other settings are default.

1) When using Logitech Headset sound is garbled and unintelligible. Sound OK with microphone (cheap microphones produce poor quality).
2) Using either Headset or Mic the Video speed is MUCH slower than sound. I am speaking fairly slow and taking care to change slides,
screen before I start speaking about a certain slide or screenshot.

I have played with multiple settings and nothing seems to work. I also downloaded the software both with Firefox and Explorer.
Same problem(s) both times. Help Please!!!



  • OK, it appears both problems can be solved by simply checking the MCI box in the audio options area.
    Sorry for the simply stupid question. lol

    It would be nice to have some quality Video Tutorials. Once I get the hang of it all I'll do that if a place exist to host it all.
    Later, Ed
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