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HELP - software introduction

edited July 2009 in General Discussion
I'm using this wonderfull screencasting to introduce a program:

--> it will be a video + audio (microphone).
- Video: it will rec a excel-based program window.
- Audio: a voice simultaneasly (i wrote it correct?) will explain the video images.

A: What Configurations do you advice me ? (compressors,formats,input rate....etc.)
B: Flash format decreases file size further?

NOTE: i learned a school english ;)


  • Hi Makmat

    Try these settings:

    Video Codec: CamStudio Lossless Codec
    Quality: 60%
    Keyframes: Every 30 frames

    Capture Frames: Every 50 milliseconds (if desktop recording)
    Playback Rate: 20 frames/second (if desktop recording)

    Audio Codec: PCM (no compression) *
    44100Hz, 16KBit, Mono

    * If I'm going to be creating Flash video using CamStudio, I get the best audio results using PCM as the source. If I'm going to upload to somewhere like YouTube or Google Video, I switch PCM to MP3, but keep the sample and bitrates the same. The video filesize is smaller with no difference in quality but is quicker to upload.

    If after doing a test video you're still getting audio/video desynchronization, click the MCI Recording option in Audio Options for Microphone - it records the audio in the most basic PCM format (overriding any audio settings selected) but usually does the trick.

    I hope that helps.


    Nick :o)
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