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SWF Red Screen - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

edited February 2008 in Support
Hi All,

I have an issue and I was encouraged to not find any other threads on it on the forum, so I am assuming that it is easy to fix........ :-)

Here is my problem: We have used CamStudio to create some AVI's. As the avi file size is huge (the videos are about 3 minutes long and range between 200-400 meg) we have used the converter in CamStudio which works well. However, a few minutes into the videos when the swf is played back the screen goes red. Having done some research I understand that this is due to a memory issue with the Flash Player after version 6. I actually have Flash as well but prefer using CamStudio for the coversion as the quality is much better and the conversion is much quicker

Does anyone know a way around this issue?

Any tips appreciated.



  • Hi All,

    I think I may have sorted this out. I reduced the Playback rate and key frame rate and the problem has stopped.

  • Thank you pdarvel for your report and feed back. It will help others who have the same issue.
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