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Invisible videos?

edited July 2009 in Support
When I attempt to find my .avi movies in the camstudio folder, they don't seem to be there. I am able to play the movies on my camstudio player from the same location, but when I attempt to move or copy and paste the movies from the camstudio player's open window to the desktop or any other folder, The computer tells me that it is unable to locate the movies, while the player can.

In other words, I am able to open my .avi files from the camstudio player, but i can't edit (or even find!) the files while searching through the files themselves.
Could someone help me with this problem?


  • Please let me know if you gat a reply... I have the same problem.. i record, stop, and the video disappears, dont know where to findit... I would like to see what I have recorded.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • Guys

    Do you get prompted for a location to save your AVI files after recording?

    If not, then you almost certainly have "Options > Program Options > Name of AVI file" set to Automatic File Naming.

    Change it to "Ask for file name" for the future and you shouldn't have this problem.

    For the video you've already recorded, I would guess it's in the folder that the "Temporary Directory for Recording" is set to.


    Nick :o)
  • Hi people
    The "temporary directory for recording" is just that - temporary. No offence intended Nick, but guessing where the files might be is not helpful to us newbies.
    I used WinDirStat (free download from sourceforge) to track down the avi's - especially useful with Vista, as the files are well hidden.
    if Camstudio packs a sad while recording, which it does with large files, you may be able to find the unsaved avi in your C:\WINDOWS\Temp directory.
    If you prefer automatic file naming, as I do, you can find your saved files in the Camstudio folder.
    With XP it should be something like C:\Program Files\CamStudio.
    If you have Vista, some of the sub-directories may be hidden. WinDirStat shows my files as being here: System (C:) - Users - - AppData - Local - VirtualStore - Program Files - Camstudio. The AppData directory is hidden on my pc - try Start - Control Panel - Folder Options, select the 'View' tab, then check the "show hidden files and folders" radio button. Use with caution - hidden files can't be moved/deleted by accident.
    Hope that helps
  • Mcphaolin

    No offence taken, but since I've never experienced that problem myself, I don't have any frame of reference to be able to give a definitive answer, hence the guess.

    Thanks to your answer and a quick test on my Vista laptop, I now know the correct answer and can help the next time someone asks me.

    Thanks for taking the time to post the solution.


    Nick :o)
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