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A open source screen recorder for games

edited July 2009 in Support
Taksi can record games but not the sound. But CamStudio can record sound. I am planning to do the best screen recorder program for games based on CamStudio and Taksi. What do you think about it? If the developer of CamStudio read this: Are I allowed to use the source to make my own screen recorder? I will ask the developer of Taksi also.


  • If an application's code is released under an open-source license, then you are allowed to create a modified version of it.

    If the source code for both apps is released under the same license, it will be easy to "merge" them together - where you will come into trouble, is trying to merge two apps released under different open source licenses.

    Make sure you do your homework.


    Nick :o)
  • It is different open source licenses: GPL and BSD License.. :( It was a stupid idea anyway, I can nothing about advanced programming! :P But maybe someday I can modify CamStudio to record games! :D
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