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Lagging when recording

edited August 2009 in Support
When I record from a game the recording lags. The sound is perfect, but the video is lagging. Is it something about frames per seconds I can change?
The game I am recording from is running 60 frames per second.
When I am recording no lag is present, but when I watch what I recorded afterwards, it lags.
Please help me!


  • droote

    You need to make sure the framerate settings in Video Options when multiplied together are as close to 1000 as possible, so I would suggest:

    Set key frames to every 60 frames

    Capture frames every 16 milliseconds
    Playback rate of 60 frames per second.

    or you could try:

    Capture frames every 20 milliseconds
    Playback rate of 50 frames per second.

    I don't think the dropping of 10 frames every second would disrupt things too much.

    Just as an aside, do you HAVE to have the fps so high? Normal TV is just under 30 fps - wouldn't that be enough?

    You might be able to end up with video files half as big?

    Just a thought.


    Nick :o)
  • Didn't work. When I record, the Actual Input Rate is just above 1 fps. 1.10 to 1.40 fps.
  • Hmm ... I can't think why you're getting such bad input fps.

    Do you get this when recording normal desktop usage and not a game playing?


    Nick :o)
  • yes, this happens both when recording normal desktop usage and when i record playing a game.
  • I know this will sound stupid, but is Auto Adjust checked in Video Options?

    If it is, can you uncheck and record another test video?

    If it isn't ...

    1. How much Physical RAM do you have and how much free RAM is normally available?

    2. Also, how much MB is your virtual memory set to?

    3. What OS are you using?


    Nick :o)
  • It is unchecked.

    1. 2 gb RAM, around 55-70% is normally available

    2. I don't know where to check this

    3. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
  • If no one can help me, could anyone recommend a recorder that would work for me?
  • Have you tried altering the Recording Thread Priory in Program Options?

    Also make sure your recording options when multiplied would make 1000

    Keyframes: Every 30 frames

    Capture Frames: Every 50 milliseconds (if desktop recording)
    Playback Rate: 20 frames/second (if desktop recording)


    Capture Frames: Every 33 milliseconds (if footage recording)
    Playback Rate: 30 frames/second (if footage recording)

    If you get audio/video desync, click the MCI Recording option in Audio Options for Microphone - it records the audio in the most basic uncompressed format (overriding any audio settings selected) but usually does the trick.



    Nick :o)
  • I changed from Intel IndeoR Video 4.5 to Microsoft Video 1 in Video Options, and that got the fps from 1.15 to ca 7. Still not as high as I'd like.
    25 fps would be what I'd like.

    I've done everything you've asked me to do, but it has no effect. I can't understand what is going on.

    Thanks for your help anyway.
  • Try installing FFDShow Tryout:

    and record a short test video with h.264 and DivX as the video codec.

    If you still aren't getting the results you need, you probably need to look at using a dedicated in-game recorder such as:

    FRAPS: ($37)

    GAMECAM: ($29.95 or Xpress Version $19.95)

    TAKSI: (free - open source - audio not recorded)

    WEGAME: (free - closed source)



    Nick :o)
  • Wow! I have to say, thanks!

    I was wondering the same thing as droote - I wasn't lagging when I took video, but it was choppy when I replayed it.

    Basically, reading that one post solved all my biggest problems with CamStudio - ive only done one test with the new settings so far, but it seems to be working out great. Thanks a bunch!
  • edited March 2010
    I have been having this same problem. I am capturing for a game with these settings:

    key frame: 30
    capture frame: 33 ms
    playback rate: 30 fps

    In-game, while I am recording there is no lag, but the video lags horribly during playback (looks like I am getting ~1-2 input fps with standard settings).
    I have auto adjust unchecked; quality at 100; and I have tried all different settings for recording thread priority (not sure what this even means ><).
    I tried out FFDShow, then (and I assume I am doing this right, but am not entirely sure) under the drop down menu I select ffdshow video codec, then go to configure and have tried setting the encoder drop down menu to h.264 (didn't change anything else) and input fps went up to ~4-5. Then I tried the same thing but changed the h.264 to DivX3; after changing it to that, the playback was incredibly smooth, but after the first 3 seconds of video it became extremely pixelated, but no lag.

    Pardon me if I am doing something retarded here, or completely missing what I was supposed to test out (I am brand new to this). But i would really like to get CamStudio to work, as recording with the fraps demo gave me horrible in-game lag (unless i dropped my video settings way down, but then I felt the whole point of video making became moot). Plus I am a firm believer in not paying for something if I dont have to; if there is nothing else I can try then I will test out Taksi, but please someone help me :).

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