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SWF Producer will not convert a file that has been edited

edited August 2009 in Support
I used CamStudio 2.0 to record an .avi file and SWF Producer converted it just fine. However, I want to edit out some parts. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit out parts of the .avi file and saved it as .avi but SWF Producer now refuses to convert it. I get the same result if I edit the .avi file with SolveigMM AVI Trimmer.

How can I edit a .avi file in such a way that SWF Producer will convert it? Alternatively, how can I edit a .swf file? I am on a very tight budget so freeware is pretty much the only option.


  • For just cutting out unwanted parts, Virtualdub[1] will do the job. It allows you to save the edited video without recompressing, so you don't lose any quality, and the file will be the same type as the original, meaning SWF Producer will accept the file.

    To delete a portion of video:
    Go to the first frame of the part you wish to remove, and hit the Home-key on your keyboard. Move to the last frame, and hit End. The section will now be marked blue on the timeline. Hit delete to remove it.

    To save without processing:
    Select "Direct Stream Copy" from the Video-menu, and then File --> Save AVI (keyboard shortcut: F7).

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